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Courage, Acceptance, Innovation, Partnership, Inspiration

Family + Community

Our sights are set on the future in order to meet the needs of local families that may work beyond the 9 to 5.

Kids HQ is truly the next evolution in childcare.

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To Create Ease and Enjoyment in the Lives of Others through Service, Partnership, Innovation, Acceptance, and Encouragement.

Our child care centers are welcoming, safe spaces where creativity, fun, and kindness create immense learning opportunities for children ages 0 to 5. We provide the children entrusted with us a level of care that empowers their guardians to focus without distraction, without making sacrifices, and without guilt on personal goals.

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Kids HQ exists to empower our early learners and their families to chase their dreams


Our child care centers are intentionally small to ensure a safe, family-like environment while providing immense opportunities for creative learning programs. Our mission, and highest priority, is to be a partner that increases the ease and enjoyment in the lives of everyone in the family. We strive to find innovative ways to support families work-life balance, to encourage others to chase their dreams, and to inspire those around us to embrace our differences.

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